PureProductivity 8hours

Get more done in less time.

Chapter 1 : Sam Ovens and his Productivity straightforward approach.

People are so easily distracted, and what is the real secret of focus ? Solely doing more ? discover it in this video lesson.


Chapter 2 : Robin Sharma and his Productivity 100x

Feeling like days aren’t long enough to achieve all that you want ?

1hr. 10min.

Chapter 3 : The best app for Productivity: Todoist

We use it, we recommend it to our clients.

2hrs. 27min.

Chapter 4 : Todoist perfect companion, Google Calendar

It’s free, it’s great. Learn how to use it, block time, and get more done with less wasted energy and time.

2hrs 1min.

Chapter 5 : Tutor lesson and wrapping it up

Here is how to connect the dots and unleash the power within you. That’s how small businesses can compete with corporate giants. More power to you 🙂

1hr. 35min.

Jordan Reynolds


Jordan is a productivity enthusiast, member of the WAP family since 2018. He will teach you how to unlock your true productivity potential, getting MORE done in less time.

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